Burrotech Browser Scan - FAQ


Which scanners are compatible?
Any TWAIN scanners are compatible with Browser Scan. As about 99% of all document scanners are TWAIN scanners this means that just about every scanner is compatible with Browser Scan.

Are both ADF (document feeder) and flatbed scanners compatible?
Yes - with a document feeder you simply load the feeder with all the pages of your document and Browser Scan will scan them all into a single PDF. With a flatbed scanner it is still possible to scan a multi-page document, you simply tell it the number of pages before you scan and it will scan each page in turn and then combine them into a single PDF. After each page is scanned you have 10 seconds to insert the next page and you will be prompted by an audible beep.

How does the free demo work?
The free demo version is designed to give you the chance to try Browser Scan before buying it. It works just like the full version except that it will put a "Browser Scan" watermark on each page scanned. The idea is that you can see not only how easy and powerful Browser Scan is, but you can also check that it works well with your network and scanner.

Will a firewall block Browser Scan?
The first time that you run Browser Scan you are likely to get a firewall warning because Browser Scan is a network product. You simply allow Browser Scan to operate and your firewall will not interfere with the system.