Burrotech Browser Scan - download


Browser Scan is available as a free demo. This means that you are free to try the software and check that it does everything that you think it should do! The free download is identical to the full version in every way except that it adds a "Browser Scan" watermark across each of the pages of the PDF that is produced. The full version does not do this.

Add-ins are not available with the free demo version.

Available downloads:
File Size Description
 bs_inst.exe 1.8 MB  Browser Scan 1.0 installer

Browser Scan installation:
1. Download and run the Browser Scan installer from the link above - do this on the PC with the scanner.
2. Once installation is complete Browser Scan will start - there is very little configuration to do within the software.
3. In the center of the application is a link to view Browser Scan in your browser - click on that link and then on to the settings tab.
4. You can then edit the settings and start scanning - click on the scan tab and off you go.
5. To access Browser Scan through the network you simply use the same address in your browser on any PC.

Upgrading from previous version:
Browser Scan is self-updating from within the software, or you can simply follow the instructions above.