Burrotech Browser Scan - addins


Add-ins are a powerful addition to the standard Browser Scan which perform actions every time a document is scanned. They allow scanned documents to be emailed, saved to an alternative location/archive or uploaded to a ftp or http server. Each add-in is configured with a set of rules which decide first if the add-in should be executed and if so, how.

For example, the File Copy add-in can copy all documents scanned by user bob to an archive folder. This means that all of bob's PDFs will be backed up automatically.

Add-ins are entirely optional and work as "back-end" tools, hidden away from normal use.

Available Add-ins:
File Copy: simple add-in which will copy PDFs to another location. Dynamic variables in the folder or filename are replaced as follows:
%User replaced with the scanning username
%DateTime replaced with the current date and time
%Date replaced with the current date
%Time replaced with the current time
%Desc replaced with the document title/description

There is also a facility to send an email to multiple recipients when a rule is executed, so that you can be informed that a PDF has been saved.

More addins will be available soon including email (PDF attached), FTP upload and HTTP/HTTPS upload.