Quickscan: Command line TWAIN scanning


Quickscan is a command line TWAIN scanning utility which integrates with any other application to provide scanned images in jpg, bmp, tif or pdf format. Developers requiring any document scanning can integrate and distribute Quickscan with their application to perform all their scanning needs.

Quickscan is configured either by command line parameters or by pre-populating an ini file. Options include resolution, page size, output format, scanner choice etc - see the technical page for more info. Quickscan has no user interface, it simply scans and saves the scanned pages as one or more image or PDF files in the same folder. Quickscan is compatible with ADF scanners so that multiple files can be created.

Basic use:
c:\scan\Quickscan.exe selectscanner resolution 200 A4 jpg
This will bring up the select scanner page and then scan A4 pages at 200dpi. Assuming the scanner is a single page flatbed then the resulting scanned page will be saved as c:\scan\page001.jpg - ADF scans will create files page001.jpg, page002.jpg, page003.jpg etc.

Advanced use:
c:\scan\Quickscan.exe resolution 300 A4 pdf showProgress prodname "My product" scanner "HP Scanjet 3200"
This will scan on the HP Scanjet 3200, with a progress screen which says "Scanning to My product" at 300dpi and create a A4 color PDF. Note that any parameters with spaces in them must be enclosed within double quotes (") so that they are interpreted as a single parameter rather than a group.

Advanced use:
c:\scan\Quickscan.exe resolution 300 A4 multi_tif mono monoenhance append showProgress prodname "My product" filename mytif.tif selectscanner
This will select the scanner, with a progress screen which says "Scanning to My product" at 300dpi and create/append a multi-page mono TIF (c:\scan\mytif.tif) which is enhanced to make more legible.

Scanner select:
c:\scan\Quickscan.exe selectscanner noscan
The noscan parameter means that no scan is performed and the selectscanner param will do just that. Running like this is the response to the typical menu item Select Scanner and means that subsequent calls to Quickscan will use the selected scanner.