Burrotech Scan2PDF: Advanced


Scan2PDF advanced features

Although Scan2PDF 2.0 is blissfully easy to use, there are some very powerful features available if you want to optimize your scanning to PDF. Here are a some of the features that make Scan2PDF many people's favourite:

Scan2PDF has a quickscan facility (not to me confused with our Quickscan product) which will scan one or more pages with a single click on the scan button. This bypasses the need to bring up the scanner's user interface and can make scanning very quick and easy.

The preview method will bring up the more traditional view of the Scanner's user interface allowing slightly more control over the scan at the expense of more time taken.

Mono dithering:
Scan2PDF has always strived to make the best (most readable) PDFs with the smallest filesize. Mono PDF files are generally about 1/4 the size of colour ones, but this is no use if they cannot be read. The Mono dithering system in Scan2PDF takes care of this by darkening the writing and printed areas. On the example here any areas less than 80% white (0% = black) will be considered as text/images and will be darkened to 20% of its original brightness. This may sound complicated but the result is a general darkening of non-white areas meaning that coloured text can still be read in a mono PDF.

PDF Encryption:
Scan2PDF can encrypt and protect your PDFs so that they are safe to email and distribute. There are two paswords to set - Owner and User. If the Owner password is used to view a PDF then it can be saved, printed and modified. If the User password is used then the PDF can be restricted so that the user cannotsave, print or modify it. If neither password is known then the PDF cannot be opened at all.

After PDF creation:
After the PDF is created it is possible to have it emailed to a specific email address. This can make document management a two-click system - one click to scan and a second to make the PDF. The resulting PDF will then be automatically emailed and the pages cleared out, meaning that the transfer of documents can be done quickly, efficiently and even securely using the PDF encryption system.