Burrotech Scan2PDF - FAQ


Which scanners are compatible?
Any TWAIN scanners are compatible with Scan2PDF. As about 99% of all document scanners are TWAIN scanners this means that just about every scanner is compatible with Scan2PDF. If you are in any doubt you can download the free demo and see for yourself!

Are both ADF (document feeder) and flatbed scanners compatible?
Yes - Scan2PDF can scan using ADF and flatbed scanners. With an ADF scanner you even get the choice of paper source so that you can scan a book or magazine in the flatbed section which would not fit in the document feeder.

How does the free demo work?
The free demo version is designed to give you the chance to try Scan2PDF before buying it. It works just like the full version except that it will put a "Scan2PDF" watermark on each page scanned. The idea is that you can see not only how easy and powerful Scan2PDF is, but you can also check that it works well with your scanner.