Burrotech Browser Scan


Browser Scan is a clever system which lets you scan and save/print/email documents through your browser. Once it is installed on the scanner PC it can be accessed from any internet browser without any further installation. This means that any user on any PC within the local network can scan documents using a single scanner - without having to install anything on their PC. Because it runs in the browser window it is easy to use and it can be bookmarked.

Browser Scan is free to try and should you wish to purchase you will struggle to find a cheaper or easier way of network scanning or managing the scanned documents!

Browser Scan stores all the scanned documents as PDF files in its own internal document database. The documents can be accessed through the same browser system by using descriptions and usernames instead of filenames. This allows quick and easy searching for scanned documents and means that users can find a previous scanned document without having to know the file location or name.

Every scan is assigned a public or private status. Public documents can be accessed by anyone within the local network and private documents can only be accessed by the user that scanned the document. This gives the flexibilty of sharing public documents with the security of private documents only being accessed by the creator.

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