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Please use the product table below to select the type of Quickscan you would like to buy as well as the quantity and currency. We are currently taking orders with Paypal, one of the most secure payment methods available, see www.paypal.com for more information.

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 Item Quantity Currency Cost each Total cost Purchase
  £29.00 £29.00

The per seat license means that you buy one copy of Quickscan for each workstation that is going to use it. You can buy more as and when you need them although it may be more economical to buy a corporate or royalty-free license. The cost per installation is £19/€25/$35 without PDF support and £29/€42/$49 with PDF support.

Corporate license
The corporate license allows you to distribute Quickscan without restriction within one company. The license is not limited to one site but is limited to installations within one company, business or organization. The cost per license is £450/€650/$799 without PDF support and £699/€999/$1,250 with PDF support.

Royalty-free license
The royalty-free license means that you can use and distribute Quickscan as often as you like without further charge. You can even distribute Quickscan with your application. All this after a simple one-off payment. There are a couple of terms and conditions that apply to this license. The cost per license is £599/€850/$1,099 without PDF support and £999/€1,450/$1,799 with PDF support.

Although Quickscan is a powerful and versatile tool it is occasionally convenient to customize it to meet your needs exactly. Customization work can include:
- Delivery of file after creation by FTP, HTTP or email.
- Adding barcodes, page numbers or watermarks to the output file.
- Scanning preset areas of pages.
- Different output filetype.
Please contact us to find out more about customization work. It works out to be an extremely economical way of having your own bespoke scanning system.