Burrotech Scan2PDF Mobile


Scan2PDF Mobile is a revolutionary new software release which uses your mobile phone to scan documents and convert them to PDF files. It all happens on your phone allowing you to scan documents anywhere - as long as you have your phone. Think of it as a document scanner/fax machine that you always have with you!

The software enhances and compresses the output from the camera into a high-quality PDF which is then stored on your phone and can be emailed. Scan2PDF Mobile is compatible with almost all Windows Mobile phones as long as they have a built-in camera with a resolution of at least 1 mega-pixel.

Scan2PDF Mobile is available to try as a fully functional free demo version (see the Download page) and can be bought for the low cost of £9.99 ($14.99 US).

Latest news:
Scan2PDF Mobile now available on the iPhone and Android platform! Search for scan2pdf in the Appstore/Market to find the downloads. Blackberry version now in development, more news soon...
Why Scan2PDF Mobile?
Scan2PDF Mobile has many obvious and some subtle benefits:
- Portable: Imagine being able to scan any document anywhere! No more searching for a scanner or photcopier you simply whip out your phone and scan the document.
- Easy: Making a PDF from a document has never been easier! Pages are scanned with one button presses and a PDF is made with two button presses - that's 3 button presses to make a PDF from a paper document!
- Quick: Scan2PDF Mobile is quicker than almost all scanners and photocopiers. A 4 page PDF can be made in under one minute!
- Document sharing: With Scan2PDF Mobile's email facility you can quickly share a document with friends and colleagues. This could be a letter, statement, contract, magazine article or just about anything. The speed and convenience of the sharing is very exciting!
- Multi-page: Scan2PDF Mobile can scan any number of pages and combine them into a single PDF file.
- High Quality: The PDFs made with Scan2PDF Mobile are surprisingly good quality. They are not as good as pages scanned with a desktop scanner but significantly better than a photocopier. And they are color of course! For an example of a PDF made with Scan2PDF Mobile click here: test.pdf (174 kb). This scan was made indoors under relatively low lighting.
- Cheap: No more photocopier or faxing fees - documents can be scanned on your phone and printed later (photocopy) or emailed (fax). In both cases a color copy is made which is much higher quality than photcopying or faxing.
- Convenient: PDFs are generated and stored on your phone. There is no upload to the internet or online document retrieval, you know exactly where the PDF files are and the can be retrieved later on your PC or else emailed immediately.
- Green: Making electronic copies of paper documents means less need to reprint them. Scan2PDF Mobile can also cut down on your postage needs as you can email documents instead of mailing them. As well as the cost savings involved there is an environmental saving associated.
- Hi-Tech: Until now James Bond would be the most likely candidate to be seen photographing documents, but this kind of technology is finally mainstream!

Handster, one of the top mobile download sites, recently awarded Scan2PDF Mobile the award of best organizer software 2009. The award is based on total sales, total downloads and customer feedback.