Burrotech Scan2PDF


Scan2PDF 2.0 converts paper documents into PDFs. You scan one or more pages of a document (using any TWAIN scanner) and then hit the Make PDF button and it will convert them into a multi-page, indexed PDF file. It even works with Document Feeder scanners providing a very quick and easy way to convert large documents.

Typical uses for Scan2PDF:
- Document management; Imagine having quick and easy access to thousand of scanned pages on your PC! Need to look up a letter, bill or article - instead of trawling through a filing cabinet you can simply open the appropriate PDF and click on the appropriate bookmark.
- To make electronic backups of your important documents and letters. Everyone worries about backing up their computer data, but what about the documents which could be destroyed in a fire?
- To run a paperless office.
- To easily distribute copies of documents and letters to many recipients, regardless of physical location.
- Make a well-indexed archive of newspaper and magazine articles.
- The easiest and best way to display documents on the Internet.
- A serious alternative to faxing documents - cheaper, faster and better quality than a fax.

Example of use