Burrotech is a small software company based in Scotland. We specialise in creating low-cost, high-power document scanning solutions using your existing scanner. Our list of products includes the revolutionary new Browser Scan which will not only allow your scanner to be shared over the network, but also lets users scan and review documents through a browser with no installation required.

Latest news
We are pleased to announce the release of Scan2PDF Mobile! A revolutionary new software release for the mobile phones using the in-built camera to scan documents and convert them to PDFs. The clever software enhances and compresses the camera output and the PDF file can then be saved or emailed. Think of it as a portable Scan2PDF - please click here to read more...

Featured Products:
Scan2PDF Mobile converts your mobile phone into a scanner/photocopier/fax machine! Cheap, quick and simple to use, you can now send a high-quality scanned document as a PDF to any email address within seconds. You can also save and print the PDF later turning your phone into a color photocopier!

Browser Scan is a complete document management system - simple to use, runs on any browser and creates a searchable database of scanned documents. All this in a secure, multi-user environment!

Scan2PDF creates a multi-page, bookmarked PDF file from one or more scanned pages. Compatible with all TWAIN scanners, both single page and those with an automatic page feeder;

Quickscan is a command-line scanning application. Designed with developers in mind it can take any scanning oprations away from your application using command line params or a pre-populated config file (or a combination of both). The resulting scans are converted to PDF, JPG, TIF or BMP files reasy to be picked up again by your application.

We offer full customization of our products which means that if you have a particlur scanning task we can usually adapt one of our products to fulfill your needs - usually as a free or low-cost service.

Our developers have a wide range of skills on almost all platforms, so please contact us if you have a software requirement that you would like help with.