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Over 100,000 people have now tried Scan2PDF Mobile and most of them seem to be very impressed. Here are some of their comments:

The day before I discovered Scan2Pdf, I had been asked if I could email a copy of a letter that I had received. At the place that I was working at the time I couldn't find any scanners, and after an hour and a half's search I finally managed to find a photocopier that could scan. After another half an hour of trying to get that to work I eventually managed to get my document scanned and emailed off. The next day after installing Scan2PDF I had scanned a document and emailed it directly from my phone within a minute. Very, very, very pleased.
P.W. talking about the Windows Mobile version

This is one of those apps that showcases what a powerhouse android truly is.
Feedback on the Android Marketplace from James

Google's G1 Mobile App Of The Year?
Review title from Newsdabbler.com - see the review at www.newsdabbler.com

Scan2PDF Mobile is so incredibly useful that I've begun using it almost daily. I'll scan in bills, business cards, recipes, receipts, magazine articles, ads -- all archived and ready to either be read later, saved or shared...
...Scan2PDF Mobile is a fantastic and endlessly useful program for most smartphone users.
Excerpt from review at Pocket PC Central

My Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Touch Pro did a superb job scanning & emailing a 7-page magazine article. Even the color photos in the article look sharp with accurate color reproduction. A very good purchase, it's like having a portable scanner/fax
Jeff, a happy customer

This is a great app, saves me a lot time finding a fax machine to send documents from the road, worth 10 times the price! ...Can't thank you enough for this app, sure has made my life easier! Keep up the good work!
Mick, northcoastcartage.com