Burrotech Scan2PDF Mobile - FAQ


Which phones are compatible?
At the moment Scan2PDF Mobile is available for all Android and Windows Mobile phones with a built-in camera. These include most HTC phones, Samsung Omnia, O2 XDA and many more. You will probably know if your phone runs Windows Mobile - it will have a Windows Logo and the word "Start" in the top left of the screen.

What kind of camera do I need?
Scan2PDF Mobile needs a minimum camera resolution of 1 megapixel. All phones nowadays have resolutions far in advance of this, so the chances are your camera will be perfect for the job!

How does the free demo work?
The free demo version is designed to give you the chance to try Scan2PDF Mobile before buying it. It works just like the full version except that it will put a "Scan2PDF" watermark on each page scanned. The idea is that you can see not only how easy and powerful Scan2PDF Mobile is, but you can also check that it works well with your phone.

How big are the PDF files?
Scan2PDF performs some enhancing and compressing of the scanned pages and can reduce the PDF filesize down to about 100-150kb per page. We are currently working on some improvements to both the enhancing and compression systems.

How do I retrieve the PDF files from the phone?
Your PDFs can be stored in your "My Documents" area on your phone. Files in this area get automatically syncronised with your PC so when you connect your phone to your PC the PDF files will be automatically copied onto your PC. You can also "browse" through the files on your phone from your PC when it is connected to locate the PDF files and copy them to the PC.

How does the email facility work?
You can simply email the PDF files through Scan2PDF to any email address. You can include your own subject and email body. The email is then sent to your outbox and it is up to you when to do a send/receive (if it is not set up for regular sending). This allows you to only send when you have wifi access if the data exchange rate of your network provider is too high.

How much does it cost to send a PDF email?
Many network contracts allow for unlimited data transfer which means the emails that you send are done so free of charge. Even if you pay for your data the cost should be low - a single page sent on the asda-mobile tarrif would cost £0.03. (0.15MB at 20p per MB). Or if you are connected to a wifi hotspot then the data transfer will be free.

Can I take regular pictures too?
Yes - the photo that you take doesn't just have to be a document - you can take a picture of anything: a view, a person, or proof of something that you want to share. It can be a good way of sharing photos in a single PDF file which some people would find easier to open and view.