Burrotech Scan2PDF Mobile - download


Scan2PDF Mobile is available as a free demo. This means that you are free to try the software and check that it does everything that you think it should do! The free download is identical to the full version in every way except that it adds a "Scan2PDF" watermark across each of the pages of the PDF that is produced. The full version does not do this.

Please search the Android Market for Scan2PDF, you will find a "Lite" version (free demo) and the full version which can be purchased through the Android Market.

The iPhone version will be available very soon through the App Store.

Windows Mobile - system requirements:
Mobile phone with Windows Mobile and camera (minimum 1 Megapixel)
(optional) PDF viewing software (like Acrobat reader LE or the free PocketXpdf)
(optional) Email account set up on your phone to send PDF emails.

Available downloads:
File Size Description
 s2.cab 105 kb  Windows Mobile - Scan2PDF Mobile 1.00 install (cab)
 s2_wm_inst.exe 142 kb  Windows Mobile - Scan2PDF Mobile 1.00 install (exe)

Any of the following techniques will install Scan2PDF Mobile onto your Windows Mobile phone (we recommend the second one!):

Scan2PDF Mobile installation (cab):
1. Download the s2.cab file and copy onto your phone.
2. On your phone, browse to find the file s2.cab and click it - this will install Scan2PDF Mobile

Installation through your phone:
1. Start internet explorer (or other browser) on your phone.
2. In the address bar enter www.burrotech.com/s2.cab and the install will start.

Installation through your PC and activesync:
1. Connect your phone to your PC through the USB connection.
2. Download and run the file s2_wm_inst.exe above and follow the instructions.

Your software can be updated through your phone - in Scan2PDF Mobile click on Menu, Settings, Update and it will check for the latest version. Alternatively you can follow the second installation instruction at any time to ensure you have the latest version.