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Android users - please purchase through the Android Marketplace. If you are based in an area that doesn't yet support purchases on the Android market then please purchase below, and your activation code will work in the free Scan2PDF Mobile Lite.

iPhone users - please purchase through the App Store.

Windows Mobile - please use the product table below to select the quantity and currency. We are currently taking orders with Paypal, one of the most secure payment methods available, see www.paypal.com for more information.

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 Item Quantity Currency Cost each Total cost Purchase
 Scan2PDF Mobile activation code £9.99 £9.99

Scan2PDF Mobile Activation code
You are buying one or more activation codes. An activation code converts the free demo of Scan2PDF Mobile into the full version which will no longer add the "Scan2PDF" watermark to the PDF files. You need one activation code per phone.